Tacoma Street Scramble

Sunday, June 23, 2013, 1:30 p.m. --- RESULTS!
Starting from the Washington State History Museum in Downtown Tacoma, scour this historic area looking for as many checkpoints as you can find in 90 minutes or 3 hours!  Discover many of Tacoma's landmarks and neighborhoods like the waterfront along Ruston Way, the Thea Foss Waterway, the Tacoma Dome, Commencement Bay and Old Town.  Have fun while exploring this great city!
90 minutes or 3 hours, by foot or bike! 
At Street Scramble, you can travel as near or far as you like, just hurry back to the finish before the time limit! There is a point penalty for every minute late, which always makes the dash to the finish fun and exciting! 
Here's a PRO tip: leave some checkpoints near the finish for last, so that you can be close to the finish during the minutes before the deadline!   
Washington State History Museum 1911 Pacific Ave Tacoma, Wa 98402
12:30 Check-In
1:30 Maps Issued and Instructions Given
2:00 p.m. Start!
*Please note that this Street Scramble starts later than usual!
To learn more about what Street Scramble is like, visit the What is it Like? page.


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